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Spec & Service
Positioning, Mapping
Internal front & rear
Positioning &
3D LiDAR*2
Central front & rear
Anti-collision System
2D LiDAR*4
4 Corner
Anti-collision System
Internal buttons*3
Door, Ramp, SOS
Main Monitor
Access Ramp
Barrier-free Service
External buttons*2
Door, Ramp
 Specification |
Classification : SAE level 4
Vehicle size : 3.928 x 1.986 x 2.800 M
Radius of wheel : 5.5M/ 6M
Maximum speed : 40 km/h
Maximum number of passengers : 12
( 6 seats, 6 standing position )
Maximum load capacity : 1,000 kg
 Service |
What can we do for you ?
The system can operate in three different modes. Depending on the need of yours, you can choose any service you think best.
"Metro" service: EZ10 stops at every planned station, even though the station has no request from passengers. EZ10 follows a timetable you make.
"Bus" service: EZ10 only stops at the planned station, where passenger requests. EZ10 operates on a specific route and stations.
"On-demand" service: EZ10 has no planned station, which means there is no specific route and station. Passenger can have a request and set a pickup location and destination via mobile device. The shuttle is able to take the best route to fulfill the request according to our supervision system.

What is EZ10 good for ?
EZ10 is not only a transportation tool that helps people move freely, but also brings quality of life, safety, budget-saving.
To improve the quality of human life, EZ10 does not emit greenhouse gas and does not make noise directly to surrounding people. EZ10 shows a high level of environmental awareness. Undoubtedly, EZ10 enhances our quality of living environment.
To achieve safety at the highest level, our advanced perception systems were built to detect the static or moving objects, such as Lidars, Odometry sensors. Furthermore, according to our algorithm, EZ10 can calculate a safe distance immediately and determine how to operate control system. In summary, EZ10 possess an excellent ability to keep people safe and secure.
To save budget, it is not necessary to build fundamental infrastructures for the self- driving shuttle. The longer it takes to deploy EZ10, the more economical benefit EZ10 creates. Compared to traditional transportation system, EZ10 saves over 30% operating and construction cost.

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