7Starlake x NTU
Alliance Press
2017. 05. 26

7Starlake had successfully brought the first level 4 unmanned shuttle bus in Taiwan! EZ10 showed up the very first time in Taiwan during the press conference in National Taiwan University (NTU) campus on May 26. Together with 7Starlake, NTU announced the establishment of "A.I.driverless vehicle R&D team".

Press conference invited 7Starlake founder and GM Martin Ting, NTU President Yang Pan-chyr, Minister of National Development Council Dr. Chen Tain-Jy, Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Hsu Yo-Zing, Deputy Governor of Changhua County Government Ming-yu Lin, Director-general of Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau Ching-Fu Chen and Commissioner of Taipei City Government Department of Information Technology Dr. Wei-Bin Lee to share their experiences and expectations for the future cooperation.

The trail run and the test ride of EZ10 will start its first step in Kaohsiung on 7th and 8th June, and then, come back again in NTU Shuiyuan Campus.