2017 7Starlake
test ride
in Shuiyuan Campus, NTU

2017.07.07 - 07.13

It was the first time that EZ10, the first Self-Driving Shuttle bus in Taiwan, provides its transportation service in campus! 7Starlake invited VIPs and press on 7th July for the first ride; teaching and administrative staff and students of NTU, as well as public who registered online, on the following days. Events started from 7th to 13th. During this one-week event, 823 people had experienced this latest unmanned technology, and had expressed their satisfaction for the stability and security of EZ10.

According to the result of questionnaire by the passengers after test ride, most of passengers are used to taking public transportation, and possessed highly expectation for further application of Self-Driving Shuttle Bus in Taiwan. Through the test ride, the public shown high confidence toward unmanned technology, giving suggestion for application in campus, airport, and Science Park. Step by step, we are moving forward to more possibility and achievement.