2017 EZ10
Experimental Project
@ Taipei Press Conference


7Starlake is truly glad and honored to announce a worth-expecting collaboration with Taipei City Government. We are moving forward to launch a live demonstration on the bus lane of Sec. 4th Xin-yi Road in Taipei, simulating the practical application of EZ10 in future mid-night transportation. The experimental project is going to bring about a breakthrough development for self-driving shuttle in Taiwan, and is expecting to attract world-wide recognition with first on-road testing in Capital.

7Starlake invited Ko Wen-je and Charles Lin, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Taipei City to have a ride on EZ10, receiving high expectation and affirmative for future evolution. Mayor Ko Wen-je actively support the introduction of new technology and the necessity of law modification for the reform of traffic mode. EZ10 had successfully completed its first run in closed area --- campus. Now, we are ready for our next-step challenge --- on-road mission.