2017 FutureX
industrial Forum

Autonomous Vehicle &
Global Sharing Economy

Future X industrial forum was being held by 7Starlake and legislator Jason Hsu. Many experts who excel at autonomous field were invited to the forum, exchanging their years of experience and points of view. Jason Hsu announced the founding of an autonomous vehicle & intelligent transportation alliance and proposed a self-driving legislation draft in the next session of Legislative Yuan.

Thanks to the speakers, Simon Pearce, head of Delivery Asia Pacific from EasyMile; Wei Weng, Sales Director of Velodyne LiDAR; legislator Jason Hsu; Martin Ting, General Manager from 7Starlake; 闕志克, Industrial Technology Research Institute information and communications chairman for sharing cases from other countries and suggestions about what to do next.

Martin Ting, general manager of 7Starlake, said "We would need the support from Taiwanese legislation in advance for future autonomous vehicle test ride in various areas. As a result, we could definitely catch international firm's eye and secure technologies or investment from foreign well-known companies". Future X forum is a key opening for future development of vehicle-related industry in Taiwan.