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Self-Driving Shuttle is moving forward to open up a new experimental project!

In 2018, 7Starlake participate in "Taipei City Autonomous Vehicle Test Field Program", planning to start a new testing project - V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure). Cooperating with Taiwan technology manufacturers, we connect the signal reception between OBU (onboard unit) and RSU (roadside unit) with the self-determination and reaction of self-driving shuttle, to enhance the safety and stability of transportation. The goal is to allow self-driving shuttle to be aware of the traffic light, road condition, pedestrians in real time, and come up with suitable reactions.

13th March, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Chin-Rong Lin, Commissioner of DOIT, Taipei City, Wei-Bin Lee and Deputy Director of Department of Transportation, Taipei City Rong-Ming Chen together with Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office, New Construction Office, Land Development Agency, and 7Starlake GM Martin Ting came for a site survey and announced upcoming plan.

Self-Driving Shuttle held a big success on-road testing on Xin-yi Road in 2017; 2018, we look forward to achieve on-road testing with traffic light after three-month experimental project, hoping to put self-driving shuttle into real service as soon as possible.