7Starlake was invited to participate in 2018 Future Commerce, allowing participants to have a great close-up look of our self-driving shuttle!

Gathering over 100 innovated enterprises, attracting over a hundred thousand participants, 2018 Future Commerce provided a platform for up-to-date commercial technology experience. 7Starlake self-driving shuttle exhibited with door open for the public to have a close look, along with videos presenting successful test run in Taiwan, furthermore with professional colleagues providing complete explanation.

Beside various experimental projects of self-driving shuttle, 7Starlake has dedicated ourselves into Smart City development, including V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure), V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), shared energy, the combination of smart transportation and shopping platform, bus exclusive lane system, and multi-payment method. Through the exhibition, we provide 7Starlake App experience for ticket registration, and further present our future goals of in-car AR advertisement and smart city project.

7Starlake GM Martin Ting was invited to participate in the forum as a speaker, presenting how self-driving shuttle can defy the shape of city in the future; Martin Ting then further participate in the live talk of the exhibition to talk about possible challenge and direction of development for smart transportation.

Taipei City Mayor, Wen-Je Ko came to visit our booth and once again expressed his expectation to put self-driving shuttle into real practice in Taipei City. Through 2018 Future Commerce, we were glad to receive expectation and suggestion from the public, and look forward to start our next-step testing project as soon as possible.

Live Talk – Future Transportation