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Macquarie Cap, 7Starlake
MOU Signing Press Conference

We are pleased to announce a MOU signing with Macquarie for cooperation in green energy development!

As the market leader in renewable energy, "Macquarie Capital" has faith in the development of renewable energy in Taiwan, collaborate with 7Starlake, who dedicated to Taiwan's long future with the operation of self-driving vehicles, both look forward to working together on green energy applications and build up the goal of Green Energy Smart Center in Asia.

This morning, with the witness of the deputy minister- Gong Mingxin from Ministry of Economic Affairs and the representative of Australia - Gary Cowan from Australian Office in Taiwan, Macquarie Capital and 7Starlake signed MOU for cooperation expecting to use the green energy intelligence application combined with self-driving vehicles to deepen the investment and development dynamics in the transformation on Taiwan industry.

Deputy ministry Gong Mingxin mentioned "Macquarie Capital's cooperation with 7Starlake is not only critical for promoting the cooperative development of Green Energy smart industry, but also for domestic major investment projects and shared public transport promotion. It is very important that the future green energy smart industry is not limited to the manufacture of green energy equipment, but it can also promote the development of green smart public transportation in Taiwan."

Ryan Chua, Head of Macquarie Capital Taiwan says "Macquarie Capital signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 7starlake, aiming at working with our partner to support the development of green energy and green energy application, to achieve a more environmental friendly eco-system."

For future plan, 7Starlake will focus on discussing with Macquarie Capital to cooperate with the central energy policy to realize the prospective green energy blueprint in Taiwan, implement the self-driving technology and decentralized energy grid structure, allows Taiwan moving forward to the Asian Green Energy Intelligence Center.