EZ10 Driverless
Shuttle Bus
First Debut in Far
EasTone 5G Pioneer
Media Conference.

7Starlake were honorable to participate and successfully operated a test drive at Far EasTone 5G Auto Alliance Media Conference. At the beginning of the event, the guests were arranged to take the ride on EZ10 for the opening show. As the autonomous shuttle bus moving towards to the stage, the audience were also amazed by its steadiness.

Far EasTone Telecommunications Co chairman Douglas Hsu, New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu and other VIP passengers were excited having the driverless vehicle experience like this. The chairperson Douglas Hsu cheerfully asked the audience if they were looking forward to seeing more autonomous shuttle buses to provide shuttle service at Far EasTone TPark. Far EasTone is the nation’s first and sole telecom participating in the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), showing the determination for 5G auto alliance project, we believe that Far EasTone will accelerate the development and lead the bright future for autonomous vehicles.