Use Your Face
to Pay for a Ride!
Driverless Shuttle x
Facial Recognition

7Starlake announces a collaboration with NEC in 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo, to make driverless shuttle the very first public transportation without using cash, card, or any device to pay for a ride, the only thing you need is "your face". 7Starlake GM Yen-Yun Ting and NEC Taiwan Government Public Solution Group GM Yu-Chang Zhang took the very first experience of using face to take a ride. Through 5G, the data is rapidly built up in cloud backend after register an account on site, then through facial recognition system to identify personal information and directly charge from personal account, Realizing fast and efficient smart mobility.

Participants took pictures of their face at the booth, simulating the payment method of electronic purse, using their face to pay for a ride on driverless shuttle, balance check and deposit are also available. What’s more, the driverless shuttle equipped with various solutions and products including:

  • Onboard Video Conferencing: Provide a new idea for the "things to do" in driverless shuttle.
  • Ultra Short Throw Projector: Superimpose images on the window of driverless shuttle for advertisement or geographic information usage.
  • Age and Gender Presumption: Collect data of passengers, including age, gender, gesture etc. for security and new business application.
  • Eye Tracking: Create customer interest zone by tracking the eye movement on advertisement. building up a future scenario of real time data collection and precision marketing, attracting more than 2,500 visitors to take the lead in experiencing new evolution of mobility.

7Starlake GM Yen-Yun Ting said, "7Starlake has been thinking about how new technology can be applicated in driverless shuttle, to make it not just a vehicle, but a movable IoT platform. To drive data collection, connection, and application in smart city, driverless shuttle can connect not only V2V and V2I data, but also other IoT. Although the collaboration with NEC Taiwan this time is a static exhibition, we will soon let the public to experience the convenience of smart mobility when the regulation is passed and driverless shuttle is ready and allowed to go on open road."

NEC Taiwan Government Public Solution Group GM Yu-Chang Zhang also mentioned, "When driverless shuttle is ready to get on road, NEC facial recognition can build up personal account through App or SMS, combining with credit card or add value, realizing no cash, card, mobile, but 'face'."