Smart Parking
In Smart City, Smart Parking is one of the fast-growing system across the world. Parking is widely used and indispensable in every place, such as residential area, universities, commercial centers, airport, since the vehicle had become one of the most important way for conveyance. For many drivers, finding a space to park could be a vexed problem and wasting of time. In Smart City System, with the rapid development of science and technology, parking system has progressed.

Smart Parking is a vehicle parking system that enhances passive car parking with sensing devices. Digital Camera Sensor catches the car license plate and the arriving time at the entrance of the parking. The LED Display Penal indicate the total and the vacant space for of the packing, and Vehicle Guidance Device indicate drivers the currant vacant space of each aisle. The sensor installed in packing space detects the arrival and departure of the vehicle, and show if available or not on each individual space, to reduce searching time for available parking space. The Touch Screen Vehicle Location Terminal provide the service for drivers to find their car’s location, by typing license plate or packing time and choosing the snapshot of their car. Touch Screen Terminal also support the payment in the same way.

Smart Parking not only offer more efficiency and optimize the parking system, but also improve the traffic flow and reduce the pollution caused by the vehicle when searching the parking space, reducing the human management costs and increasing the safety.
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