About Us
Innovation and Connection, 7Starlake’s faith to explore the diverse world.
We specialize in the field of high-end industrial computer, develop self-driving shuttle bus with international technology
partners and cooperate with government and non-government organizations to strategize future smart public transportation.
From driverless technology and 3D LiDAR Smart intersection to V2X Internet of Vehicles and carpool network operation,
we set up a new public transportation model, realizing the vision of "Smart City & Intelligent Transportation".
7Starlake aims to integrate intelligent public transportation vehicles management with wind and solar green energy and
energy storage micro power-grid. We dedicate ourselves to building car-sharing system community and Green-Powered
MaaS service model, as well as establishing long-term industrial upgrading for Taiwan and pragmatic path to profitability
for cooperative partners. To fulfill a synergistic effect of complete green energy and intelligent industry ecosystem has always
been 7Starlake’s ultimate goal.

EZ10, Level 4 driverless shuttle bus, is introduced by 7Starlake & EasyMile. The computer system of EZ10 is manufactured
in Taiwan. EZ10 has operated in over 26 countries, up to 200 sites, including Asia, North America, Near East and Europe.
Leading Smart
Shared Mobility
Creating New
Transportation shorten the distance between people,
we explore the unknown and surprise through mobility. 7Starlake
committed to optimize public transport service. Through developing
shared mobility based on the driverless shuttle to complete the first and
last mile, 7Starlake plans a complete sharing platform, building up a new
operation ecosystem by establishing a new generation of intelligent
transportation mobility service combining with smart media and new
business module.
What is a
Smart Mobility

Based on driverless shuttle system,
7Starlake connect multiple transportation
method, allowing passengers easily
transfer public transportation from
subway, light rail to buses, flexibly using
shared mobility platform. Transportation
is not only a tool, but also enhance the
communication between people and the
development of sharing economy.
Mobility Service with Smart New Media

7Starlake also strives to develop smart new media that captures
the "mind share". The wide display screen and real-time geographic
information superimposed on the window of vehicle provide passengers
various fresh and interesting contents. Furthermore, the combination of
driverless shuttle with VR and AR technologies for sensory experience and
information guide create a mobile Culture Art Salon.
Mobility Service with
Smart New Business
7Starlake integrate transportation and smart platform with kiosk for goods-purchasing
and advertisement to meet fast, convenient and instant shopping demand for passengers.
Through 2D/3D cameras, passengers' data can be collected and one step further analyzed to
reach "Precision Marketing".
7Starlake App LiKEY
The new business platform for smart transportation
  • Driverless shuttle ticketing system
  • Car-calling real-time service ( support carpooling )
  • Car-calling reservation service ( support carpooling )
  • Online shopping with special discount
Route Selection Map, Station, Location Buy Ticket QR Code Ticket
Walks into
Your Life
7Starlake provides complete smart transportation service,
including vehicle, site operation, and road design, creating various style, theme,
feature, and interaction space according to different service requirement.
Feature Park Touring &
Service in School Campus
Touring Park

Driverless Shuttle combined with guided tours,
performances, exhibitions, interactive games
etc., providing visitors special experience
beyond scenery during transportation.
Industrial Park

Driverless Shuttle provides staff transportation
in large-scale industry/ science/ high-tech park,
combined with smart retail, allowing real-time
shopping during transportation, so as to ease
the tight commute schedule.
Medical Park

Driverless Shuttle allows the elderly, people with
disabilities, patients etc. to go back and forth in
medical park independently, enhancing their
self-moving capacity under safe environment.
School Campus

Driverless Shuttle not only provides transportation
service for students and staffs, but also stimulates to
develop better and innovative smart transportation
service through integration of industry, academy,
and research.
Rural & Remote Area

The current transportation network in rural &
remote area is still not well-organized. 7Starlake
provides driverless shuttle fleet, simple call-car
service, user-friendly smart station, offering a safe
and convenient transportation service. 7Starlake
is looking forward to cooperate with government
and local people to raise a high-efficiency
and high-quality traffic blueprint, developing
local tourism, agriculture and industry, further
customize traffic network according to local feature
and requirement.
Last Mile Connection

7Starlake smart transportation system enables
public transportation to connect with communities.
Efficient and flexible smart transportation extends
the scope of service, increasing location advantage
and value for communities. Besides semi-closed
lane design and reliable green electric driverless
shuttle system, traffic monitoring for intelligent
dispatching, Demand-Respond Transit Service
(DRTS) can prosper the communities with low
utilization of public transportation.
Transit System

7Starlake’s smart transportation service is an auxiliary city public transport system. Basing on dedicated road and checkerboard network that already exist or can be simply built, driverless shuttle is deployed to provide flexible service to realize a "door to door" transportation for residents, at the same time avoiding unnecessary road construction and investment.

Checkerboard network allows the driverless shuttle system run on the backbone road of the city, detecting and collecting various environmental data for traffic analysis and forecasting. Driverless shuttle becomes an important tool for urban intelligent management and security system, deeply connecting blocks and transfer hubs, effectively reducing the demand for private vehicles and road area to release urban space.
( Vehicle to Infrastructure )
  • Traffic light & vehicle connection
  • Smart streetlights detect violations or obstacles on dedicated road, maintain smooth traffic flow
24 Hrs Operation
  • Driverless Shuttle runs on exclusive lane
  • 24hrs non-stop service
  • On demand APP at off-peak hours
Energy Sharing
( Smart Station )
  • Meet all kinds of electric vehicle charging needs
  • Solar Roof power generation
  • Electrical energy storage
( Vehicle to Vehicle )
  • Fleet management
  • Metro or Bus operation mode
  • Peak and off-peak scheduling
Driverless Shuttle
Flexible Transportation
Metro Mode

Same as MRT, stop at every station
Bus Mode

Driverless shuttle has a schedule
to respect but only stops at the
stations upon request.
On Demand Mode

Passengers at the station or through
mobile device to specify the shuttle
service from point A to point B,
the fleet management system will
arrange the most suitable itinerary.
Shuttle EZ10
100% Electric driverless shuttle EZ10, a SAE Level 4 high autonomous
intelligent vehicle, has max capacity of 12 passengers (6 seated/ 6 standing). At the current selfdriving mode, the speed can be adjusted due to driving conditions, the maximum speed is limited to 20 km/h, the operating mileage hours can be up to 10 hours. All-electric power source, EZ10 has high-performance self-positioning and navigation system, combined with a new generation of sensing and pilot technology, has an extremely complete safety system, it can automatically slow down or stop in case of obstacles. In addition, the driverless shuttle bus provides barrier-free ramp to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

Engineer starts to do the mapping and Route planning after site survey

Running on a planned route,EZ10 can detect the change of environment (obstacles, pedestrians etc.) in safe distance

EZ10 can communicate with each other; control room arranges the running schedule
EZ10 to the World EZ10 has operated in over 26 countries, over 200 sites, including Asia,
North America, Near East and Europe.
EZ10 Commercial Operations New Approach
Gardens by the Bay

EZ10's first project in Asia, Singapore Gardens by the Bay introduced 2 EZ10 to provide transportation service in the garden of 101 Ha. With 1,000m operating length, the shuttle is able to transport 50~100 passengers per day.
Darwin Waterfront

EZ10 serves between Waterfront precinct and Stokes Hill Wharf. Running on a 1,000m long path, the shuttle transported over 3,500 passengers.
California public road trial

EZ10 driverless shuttle became the first driverless bus approved to run on public roads in California as it made its debut on the public roads of Bishop Ranch.
Control Room
Remote Computer
2U 19" rackmount GPU Server
Internal front & rear
Localization &
Localization Mapping
3D LiDAR*2
Central front & rear
Anti-collision System
2D LiDAR*4
4 Corner
Anti-collision System
Internal buttons*3
Door, Ramp, SOS
Driving Computer
Image /
Data Processing
SR200 X2
Fanless Rugged Compact
MIL-STD IP65 Fanless
Rugged Computer
EZ10 Core Technology
Extended Temp. Extreme Durable High Performance
EZ10driverless shuttle adapted 7Starlake rugged CPUGPU
computing system which equipped with Intel® Multi-Core Processor, NVIDIA® graphic card, and fanless rugged system with perfect thermal solution. This platform performs excellent on graphic and data computing, and able to sustain under the harsh environment, that is optimized for the use in high-end automation and image/data analysis system in both defense and industrial fields.
Supported by Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance