2017 EcoMobility
EZ10 in Kaohsiung!

With great honor, 7Starlake was invited to join EcoMobility World Festival 2017 in Kaohsiung! 2017 EcoMobility, an one-month event held by Kaohsiung City Government, provides newly invented eco-friendly transport solutions, forming a future shape of urban transportation. During the event, electric bicycle, bus, scooter and other intelligent transport solutions are presented to the public, providing test ride to let the public experience the convenience of future smart city.

EZ10 showed up at Pier 2 from 1st to 10th October. The test ride last for 10 days providing service for attendees of EcoMobility and the public. EZ10 had serviced over 3000 people, providing the transportation connection between light rail station Penglai Pier-2 and station Hamasen. Moreover, together with Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu, our President Tsai Ing-Wen had experienced Self-Driving Shuttle the very first time, and had shown her satisfaction during the test ride. Furthermore, 7Starlake also participated in the exhibition in B3 Warehouse during 1st to 4th October to let people understand more about our service and learn more about Self-Driving technology. Thank you for you participation! We look forward to see you soon in our next event!