Cheng Kung All Pass
with EZ10 Self-Driving Vehicle!
NCKU x 7Starlake x EasyMile
International Industry-university
Cooperative Press Conference

National Cheng Kung University, 7Starlake and EasyMile launched an International Industry-university Cooperative Press Conference and 87th Anniversary Celebrations of NCKU with EZ10 Test Riding!

This is the very first time EZ10 Self-driving shuttle arriving in Tainan, Taiwan! To celebrating the 87th Anniversary of NCKU, 7Starlake and Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science of NCKU held a free campus shuttle service on 9th-11th Nov and blessed all the NCKU students to pass their midterm exam after experiencing the ride. EZ10 Self-driving shuttle provided services between the post office, YunPing Administration Building and Shengli Road, over 1000 hunger after knowing passengers enjoyed the AI Self-driving vehicle and gave positive feedback.

The students of NCKU are very curious and interested in EZ10 Self-driving Vehicle. They were very pleasant to learn and understand the AI new trend technology and enjoy having conversation with 7Starlake. "Due to NCKU have nine campus, if self-driving vehicle could provide shuttle service between campuses in the future, that might be very convenient and perfect for our daily transportation!" said students and administrative staff.

Moreover, National Cheng Kung University, 7Starlake and EasyMile signed an International Industry-university Cooperative MOU on 9th Nov. We expect to exchange AI technology knowledge with NCKU and cultivate more and more Taiwanese AI intellectuals in the future.

We might even operate a long tern Self-driving shuttle between the campuses of NCKU. The attendees of International Industry-university Cooperative Press Conference includes Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU; Jean-marc Desvaux, Head of Sales North Asia of EasyMile; Martin Ting, Gerneral Manager of 7Starlake; Shao-yuan Chang, Deputy Mayor of Tainan City Government; Yang-chang Lin, Director-General of Bureau of Transportation of Tainan City Government; Cheng-han Wang, Director of Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City Office; Chung-I Lin, Vice President of NCKU; Ming-Derg Lai, Vice President of Office of Academic Affairs of NCKU; Sun-yuan Hsieh, Vice President of Office of Research and Development of NCKU; Cheng-Chang Lin, Dean of College of Management of NCKU; William Hung, Chief Operating Officer of GLORIA NCKU.