New Mobility
Rising to a
Smart Future

7Starlake announce a cross-field cooperation with INTEL, NEC Taiwan, NexCOBOT, iPass and Startup Group to embark on a smart life project. This time, in a 576m2 area, we build up a smart transportation scenario combining driverless shuttle test ride on site with smart retail and facial recognition to simulate a real application of future smart mobility economy for visitors.

We provide multiple payment methods for participants to experience:

  • "LiKEY" APP: An APP launched by 7Starlake allowing users to book tickets in advance. "LiKEY" is not only designed for driverless shuttle, but can be further use in real time car-calling and car-sharing.
  • "Facial Recognition" : The facial recognition payment system designed by NEC realizes a new and efficient method to pay for a ride with your face.
  • "NFC Card" : Driverless shuttle equipped with ticket inspection machine, visitors can also use iPass to take a ride.

While waiting or after taking the shuttle, visitors can walk into a smart retail store at bus stop with Smart Self-Checkout System created by NexCOBOT, allowing customers to buy and pay automatically. Smart Precision Marketing Advertisement System provide you customized information according to your gender, age, and even current environment, such as weather and time slot. We also display logistics support robot CarriRo® designed by ZMP Inc. on site. Two modes are available for the robot : Drive mode and following mode. CarriRo® allows effortless and heavy load transportation, and are already applied in different scenarios, such as factory, warehouse, hotel and airport in Japan.

We are honored to have Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs Mei-Hua Wang, Legislator Wan-ju Yu, Director of Cultural Affairs Department, Yunlin County, Pi-Chun Chen, Secretary-general of TAITRA Min-Shui Yeh, and global medias to participate in our event. Over 1,400 participants experienced the smart transportation solution and feedback with high expectation.

A Global Driverless Smart Transportation Forum is launched to gather experts in driverless and technology fields to discuss and share the points of view toward future development of smart transportation. Including Intel, STMicroelectronics, NEC, NCTU, Toyota Tsusho, Easymile, Fareastone, Taiwan Ericsson.