Smart City


A smart city is an urban development vision that equipped with basic infrastructure to reach the combination of informatization, industrialization, and urbanization. Smart City integrates multiple information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in a secure fashion to manage a city's assets. Through sensors integrated with real-time monitoring systems, multi-devices, network connectivity, satellite systems, software etc., smart city applications development is aim to improve management of urban flows and enabling real-time responses to challenges.

The vision of Smart City is to connect people, information and city elements with new technologies in order to create a sustainable, greener city, competitive and innovative commerce, and an increased life quality and urban services, such as energy, transportation, further reduced resource consumption, wastage and overall costs.

7Starlake is now dedicated ourselves into developing one of the critical parts in smart city – intelligent transportation. Combining self-driving vehicle, carpooling & carsharing concept, traffic surveillance and management system, and V2X system, look forward to create a new vision for transportation structure.
  Self-Driving Shuttle
100% autonomous intelligent shuttle supports first and last mile transportation. Providing on-demand service to conquer door-to-door challenge, self-driving shuttle is looking forward to create a convenient, green, low-cost, even flexible traffic network.
  LIDAR Enforcement & Traffic Management
Supporting accurate monitoring for traffic condition, dispute reduction, accident analysis and identification, and even pedestrian speed detection, 3D LIDAR Enforcement is expected to ameliorate current traffic surveillance and management system.
  V2X, V2V, V2I
A vehicular communication system features the information passing between vehicles and entities, aiming to optimize overall traffic flows, creating an intelligent transport environment with fewer accidents, congestion, and emission issues.
  Carsharing & Energy Network
Carsharing, a modern and environmental friendly model of car rental, provides a convenient and local platform for users to pick up and return vehicles flexibly. Combining electric vehicle charging station, carsharing one step further provides greener transport solution.
  Smart Parking
Combining with multiple devices, including sensory technique, APP, human machine interface etc., smart parking is aim to improve traffic flow, ameliorate traffic safety, reduce vehicle pollution, and safe human management costs.