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What is COM Express Type 6

COM Express

The COM Express® specification defines a family of Small Form Factor (SFF) and Computer On Module (COM) single board computers appropriate for a wide range of commercial and mil/aero applications. It is designed for the latest chip sets and serial signaling protocols, including PCI Express Gen 3, 10GbE, SATA, USB 3.0, and high resolution video interfaces.

COM Express-2

COM Express Basic size Type 6 is the most popular and widely used computer-on-module form factor on the market. With pinouts closely matching the feature set of common x86 based silicon, two COM Express connectors allow for designs of up to 75 watts. The Type 6 pinout has a strong focus on multiple modern display outputs targeting applications such as medical, gaming, test and measurement and industrial automation.

The new Type 7 is not a replacement for the well-established Type 6 pinout. It trades all audio and video interfaces for four 10G Ethernet ports and a total of 32 PCI Express lanes in order to support enhanced micro servers and other server Type applications that only allow for low power consumption but require high computing performance and communication throughput.

7Starlake COM Express Type T6/T7 Platform
COM Express Type 6 Platform

7starlake’s SK513 COM Express Type 6 platform based on modular, open, scalable architecture, ensuring amazing computing performance. SK513 support a wide range of Intel processors, from Core i7 processors to the latest Intel Xeon series. SK513/515 is ideal for space constrained applications, harsh environments, demanding conditions and supports extended temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C.


Rugged & Rich Expansions From SK515 COM Express Carrier

SK513/SK515 offers the ultimate durability with locking, rugged pin headers includes.

Rugged & Rich Expansions From SK515 COM Express Carrier


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