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V2X-Mobile Edge Computing Unlock New Possibilities

V2X-Mobile Edge Computing Unlock New Possibilities

In Vehicle Public Safety

Transportation shorten the distance between people, we explore the unknown and surprise through mobility. 7Starlake committed to optimize public transport service. Through developing shared mobility based on the driver-less shuttle to complete the first and last mile, 7Starlake plans a complete sharing platform, building up a new operation ecosystem by establishing a new generation of intelligent transportation mobility service combining with smart media and new business module.


V2X-Mobile Edge Computing Unlock New Possibilities




Vehicle Tracking_01
  • Law Enforcement
  • Traffic Monitoring

Bus Drive
  • Driver Behavior


  •  In Vehicle Public Safety



Intel Market ready

1. Video Preprocessing

1-1 De-noise

1-2 Rolling shutter video correction

1-3 Photometric correction>

2. Vehicle detection and Plate Recognition

2-1 Keras + Openvino

2-2 Model : Single Shot MultiBox Detector (SSD)

3. The recognition of bus parking area

3-1 Keras + OpenVINO

3-2 Model : Deep residual network (ResNet)

4. Vehicle tracking

4-1 OpenVINO


AIot Ready In Vehicle Edge Computing

Data Capture>>

Data Analysis>>

 Data Category>>

Data Application

Smart Sensors Edge Computing AI Framework OpenVINO Cloud Based Computing






Next Step

Driver Behavior
•Blood Pressure
•Talking & Driving
•Eating & Driving
•Fall in Sleep
•Fasten Seat Belt
Passenger Behavior
•Fare evasion
•Walking on the Bus
•Fall Analysis


H/W Architecture Description

The Edge AI vehicle computer combined with AI image recognition, real-time interpretation of the occupancy behavior of bus parking. The violation of videos and license plate recognition results can be returned to the AI Cloud image recognition cloud management system for storage.

H/W Architecture Description