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Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Industry 4.0 represent the foundation of many innovative opportunities in any industry, and technology is developing at an uncontrolled and unstoppable pace.


The ongoing digitalization is creating new opportunities across all industries. Robust sensors, secure communication, and advanced video processing and image solutions is enabling the industry to explore new areas and improve operational accuracy without compromising human lives.


Future Mobility - Intelligent & Connected Vehicle by 7Starlake


The Transport and Defense industry is undergoing the largest transformation in several decades driven by multiple new disruptive technologies combined with stricter safety and environmental requirements.


Innovation and technology advances are making the industry more advanced with additional sensors, more embedded software and increased demand for data processing. Furthermore, the introductions of always-connected vehicles are enabling a broad range of new value adding services.


High Performance Rugged Computer by 7Starlake


We believe TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT is vital to enable a sustainable future !

7STARLAKE specializes in the field of high performance embedded computing platform (HPEC), develops autonomous vehicle & robot with global partners and cooperate with government and university to strategize future mobility and digitalize the infrastructure of smart city.