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Carsharing & Energy Network

Carsharing, or Car-Sharing or car clubs, is a modern and environmental friendly model of car rental for local user who use occasionally vehicle, especially for the people who just need a short-term trip by hour. Carsharing is a membership-based service often offered by private companies or non-profit organizations. After registration with certain certifications, the user can become a member and pay an annual fee or pay an hour rate per usage. Vehicle locations are spread over the service area for user to pick up and return. Drivers can serve itself for the pickup, the return, the reservation, as well as the payment, with the machine established beside every station.





Carsharing aims to decrease personal car ownership, as well as to encourage residents to walk, cycle and use public transportation when planning their trip. Another purpose is to reduce the emission of gases and to enhance the transportation network in the city. In nowadays, Carsharing is referring to apply the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Not only for the greatly reduction of emission and its costs, but also, Electric Carsharing represents a technological change of consumption in this generation. With this innovation technology, Smart Charging develops along with the evolution of the Electric Vehicles (EVs).


Electric vehicle charging station also called EV charging station, charging point or EVSE(Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is an infrastructure element in Smart City which supply the electric energy for the recharging of EVs, such as battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, by transfer electric power from the grid to an electric vehicle. Charging Stations often installed on street, at packing, taxi stands and, can also be in EV owner’s residence, provided by many private companies for various EV connector standards.