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2017 EcoMobilityFestival Series Forum& EZ10 first Test ride


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During 7th June and 8th June 2017 in Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center, 7Starlake held the Forum with Transportation Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government (TBKC), focusing on Smart Transportation and the further operation of driverless shuttle bus in Taiwan.

During the Forum, TBKC and 7Starlake invited worldwide experts for the discussion of the Policy Design for Smart Transportation with case study. Speakers from different countries shared the experiences of operation for driverless bus in a city, the challenges and the solutions they'd came through.

Along with the Forum in In Our Time, B10 Warehouse, EZ10 provided the test ride to public for more than 150 passengers in the Pier-2 Art Center.


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