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Partner Growth Program


7Starlake Channel Leadership Perspective


Welcome to 7Starlake where our entire business is focused with you, our valued partners. 

7Starlake is committed to listening and acting upon your feedback, which has been the case with the introduction of the Partner Growth Program. We will use our technological leadership to help our customers drive their next-generation innovations through the process of Training, Sharing and Creation. This has never been more important than now – at a time when technology is leading the way and the entire world is becoming digital. 


7Starlake CEO

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Leadership Team

Leadership Team



Benefits of Partner Growth Program

Welcome to 7Starlake Dancing with the STARS Partner Growth Program! Here are the benefits of joining our Partner Growth Program, including 3 phases: Training to Sharing to Creation, which can enable our partners to grow their business and better support their customers.

7Starlake offers training video, professional technical consultation, practical and analysis courses to our partners. After completing the training courses, you will have the most advanced knowledge, whether it is in theoretical or practical fields, which can help you better develop and sell your products. After having a deeper profession, you can further improve yourself and share it with others by becoming a Product Test α Site and hosting a Developer Day. Also additional discounts and rebates can be obtained during the sales process. Lets start the journey!


Dancing with the STARS “Requirements at-a-Glance”



7STARLAKE Partner Growth Program is structured to reward and maximize your profitability when you commit and invest in the Program. As you grow your 7STARLAKE PGP revenue and complete training competencies we will reward you through tier-promotion and increased rebate eligibility.

This chart describes the process of how your professional ability growing. The vertical axis is the marketing competence, and the horizontal axis is product competence. Through systematic training courses, it can help you develop practical applications and finally complete sales. In this process, you can not only improve your marketing ability, from basic products on line, press releasing, to regularly sending e-Newsletters and holding webinar, and finally to host a Developer Day, but also to improve your product competitiveness, expand your product line, upgrade from Rugged Competence to Military Competence, and finally HPC Competence. 


Become a Certified Partner By Training & Sharing

7Starlake is a technology leader and places a high degree of importance on training. These types of programs are critical to increasing customer satisfaction and accelerating time to value for our mutual customers. We are committed to giving our partners current, meaningful and relevant training which balance time, money and mutual customer success.

Our partners can enjoy various training modules that will guide them through important information about 7Starlakes product portfolio and sales tools. Each sales/technical certification is unique and focuses on developing the right skills in order to grow your business with 7Starlake.


Training & Sharing Courses

Here is the main content of each course. In learning courses, you will get fundamental of rugged and military computers. In practical courses, you will learn how to operate programmable display computer and high performance liquid server. After the above courses, you will have certain ability to participate in the analysis courses of 7Starlake and analyze the latest data center and supercomputer infrastructure together.

7Starlake is committed to expanding and highlighting our Partners value to our mutual customers. We organize these training programs in order to help you build a strong team to create epic customer experiences. Our professional experts have tailored different courses for your team members from sales to system engineer and tech architect.


Training & Sharing Zone

7Starlake offers a wide range of education programs and self-study resources developed in-house by 7Starlake experts. Once you become a certified partner, you will be allowed to access these training materials. Just to name a few below:

Training & Sharing Zone

Why "Product Test α Site“ Does Matter ?

Do you know what are Lockheed Martins senior technical architects discussing in weekly meeting? By transforming your office into a regional testing center, you can master the latest technology, thereby turning passive to active and automatically attracting customers. This is why product test α site does matter.

Training & Sharing Courses

7Starlake is committed to rewarding our partners for driving mutual beneficial results. Incentives include Discount, Sales Rebate, Design Win Bonus and Marketing Development Funds.

Discount is applicable to all partners, but it will vary depending on the partners level. Once Partner being upgraded to Prime Partner or Contracted Partner, he will enjoy better discount rate and save more!

Sales Rebate is a policy that encourages sales. Sales rebate rates varies depending on partners annual sales. The more sales, the more rebates!

Design Win Bonus policy is designed to encourage our partner to sell Featured Products and ODM. Partner will collect points in this process, and points can be used to exchange more sales rebates!

7Starlake also provides Marketing Development Fund to our partner to support them in more marketing activities.



Design Win Bonus “ Featured Product List ”

Design Win Bonus “ Featured Product List ”


Design Win Bonus “ Customization Case Study ”

Customization  Case Study
Developer Day

Developer Day event is one-day gathering held by contracted partner. There are 2 types of Developer Day: Military Day and HPC Day . They give participants an excellent chance to learn about 7SL products as well as meet the engineers who work on them.


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