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Armored Ground Vehicle

To simultaneously connect, receive, and process information from each system efficiently, a computer with superior and stable performance is needed.

Armored Ground Vehicle (AGV), one of the core-supports in defense industry, regardless for combat or transportation, has been continuously progress on technique evolution. In battlefield, relatively speaking, AGV possesses less flexibility for movement and hiding. To heighten the speed of reaction, system performance plays an indispensable role. Facilities, computers, and displays, the components in the system, require high functionality in analysis, connection and transmission.


For accurate and efficient detection and defense, AGV equipped with multiple systems, C4ISR, including command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. To simultaneously connect, receive, and process information from each system efficiently, a computer with superior and stable performance is needed. Real-time computing architecture is being utilized to perform image stabilization, image stitching, high dynamic range image capture, etc.

Weapon and fire control 



Fire control system, assisting weapon system, requires working of numbers of components, including gun data computer, director, and sensors. A suitable installed computer for AGV requires two indispensable features, “ruggedness” and “high perform-efficiency”. 7StarLake’s computers are provided with special ruggedize technique and outstanding stability for multi-function performance.

For AGV, fire control system includes three subsystems: ranging, targeting, and night vision system, gun mount operating and stability system, calculating and sensor system. Laser range finders, provided with 2-axis stabilized head and thermal imaging, allow commanders and gunners to know the position of target through sensor displays. After receiving multiple information, commanders instruct gunners for fire preparation. Adding information from wind sensor, tilt sensor, and gun position sensor, gunners are able to adjust fire angle and accurately fire their targets after data calculation.

Crosswind sensor can measure real time cross wind between a distant target and the shooter, operating in both day and night operation for distances of up to 1500 m and in crosswinds of 0 m/s to 20 m/s in order to increase first round hit probability; furthermore, the crosswind measurement error should be less than ± 1.5 m/s.

For such high accuracy and real-time performance, 7StarLake’s SR710 is designed with Intel Core i7 Haswell CPU plus QM87 chipset supports clock speed 2.4 GHz, up to 3.4GHz; onboard SATA III NAND drive up to 64GB, allowing complex data input, analysis, and output. Connecting with SR710, 7StarLake SKY15 resistive touch display featured LCD super brightness up to 1000 nits and night vision under 1.7 nits, providing soldiers remarkable visual capability. Moreover, through 20 programmable ruggedize function keys, soldiers can set up their own required functionality.

Surveillance and reconnaissance system




For surrounding surveillance, target detection, and safety assurance, numerous facilities are equipped on AGV for driver, commander, gunner and other crews on the vehicle. The driver has a forward looking infrared camera and a number of zooming closed-circuit television cameras for an all-round field of view, controlling the moving direction and path of AGV. While the commander and gunner are provided with multispectral sights with visible scope, thermal channels, and laser rangefinders, giving out and receiving commands after confirming the position of target and AGV itself. Furthermore, the wide-angle cameras fitted on the tank provide a full 360° all-round vision and situational awareness for the crew, enhancing and assuring the safety.

Besides outstanding performance for multiple system utilization, 7StarLake’s solutions possess extraordinary ruggedness and adaptation for various environments. SR710 provided with MIL-DTL-38999 Amphenol connectors, lightweight and can stand up to environmental challenges. SKY15 is designed under MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F and IP65 protection, possessing high adaptation toward dust, humidity, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and electromagnetic interference characteristics.

Our solutions are belief to possess great performance in cooperation with users and related equipment. The combination of our computer and display, enable soldiers to grasp real-time condition and make promptly decision under intensity.