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What's is Small Form Factor (S.F.F)?

Small form factor computer is the crucial component that drives the entire system operation as they can fit into smaller spaces and consume less power. They can be packaged and mounted in diverse ways than larger boards. The reduction of size, weight, and cost (SWaP) has been continuously emphasized as more computer systems demand smaller processor and network connectivity solutions. As a result, application such as automation and transportation which demand more differently stackable ways often employ small form factors architecture.

S.F.F. Architecture - PCI/e 104


Ruggedised Open Standard PCIe/104 Facilitate Flexible Expansion
  • Flexibility in adaptation to most popular form factors 
  • Maximum compatibility with the most popular PCIe/104 modules
  • More features with FPE expansion up to PCIe_16


SK502 PCIe/104 Dual 10GbE board is a dual-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller for PCIe/104 platforms. Powered by Intel’s X710 Ethernet Controller, the PCIe/104 Dual 10GbE provides support for network and server virtualization as well as LAN and SAN flexibility while maintaining reliable performance. This product is ideal for adding high speed 10GbE connectivity to embedded systems.


Configurative Thermal Design in ATR Mission Computer

As a modular mission computer, F1-30 has mechanical feature for mounting in horizontal orientation, offering open architecture to maximize use of interoperability. For example, together with PCIe104 expansion connectors, F1-30 is able to build a stackable architecture, which can be integrated with PCIe/104 expansion modules depending on customers ‘need, hence it's highly configurable to specific requirements.

7Starlake_Solution_Samll Form Factor-2