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Why High-Performance Computing (HPC) Is Critical to Autonomous Vehicle Development

Safety is critical for Self-Driving cars and autonomous vehicles.
Tracking objects, pedestrians, and other vehicles is job 1 for self-driving cars. Methods such as high-definition maps, path planning, and SLAM drive these capabilities. Computer vision, RADAR/LIDAR, and similar technologies support these methods. 

Autonomous vehicle technologies could not be developed and validated without high-performance computing (HPC) simulation. The Lidar, camera and radar systems that enable autonomous vehicles require multiple redundant sensor systems that must be simulated for performance and safety.

HPC Challenge in Self Driving

HPC Challenge in Self Driving


Intel Arc MXM

How HPC Simulation Powers Autonomous Vehicles Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) need AI aceleration technology. The Intel Arc A770 graphics card is equipped with the latest AI acceleration technology, providing rapid processing of sensor data and real-time decision-making and control, enabling autonomous vehicles to drive more accurately.

Support for Multiple Development Platforms, The Intel Arc A770 graphics card supports multiple development platforms, such as OpenVINO and TensorFlow, making it easy to integrate and develop autonomous driving systems, reducing development costs and risks.

Intel Arc A770 graphics card technology in autonomous vehicles provides efficient graphics processing and AI acceleration capabilities, enhancing the perception and decision-making ability of autonomous vehicles. It also provides high reliability and durability, making it an ideal solution for autonomous driving systems.


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We are grateful for industry leaders who are willing to share and inspire.

We would like to invite you to join the 7Starlake Forum, a cutting-edge event that combines high-performance computing with autonomous driving technology. Our forum will showcase the latest products and solutions, giving you an in-depth understanding and experience of our latest technological achievements.

In addition to showcasing our latest products, we have invited many industry experts and scholars to share their experiences and insights in the fields of autonomous driving and high-performance computing. You can exchange ideas with peers and explore the latest technology trends and solutions.

We believe that your participation will bring more value and contribution to this event, and we look forward to seeing you at the 7Starlake Forum's HPC Challenges in Autonomous Driving!


  • Martin Ting
    Martin Ting
  • Luke Tang
    Luke Tang
    Industry Technology Specialist
  • Henk Van Bremen
    Henk Van Bremen
    Director of COM
  • Vinnie Yaun
    Vinnie Yaun
    Senior Product Manager
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Martin Ting

Keynote Speech - 1

Intel Arc Professional Graphics Begins Here


Luke Tang


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Driving the Future with COM-HPC


Henk Van Bremen


Keynote Speech - 3

Hyper Compute & Encode Accelerate AI Workflows in 5G Smart Traffic System

Vinnie Yuan

19:20-20:30 Discussion