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2018 Smart Trend Exhibition & Autonomous Vehicle Industry Technology Forum

2018 Smart Trend Exhibition & Autonomous Vehicle Industry Technology Forum

2018. 10. 16-19

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In response with 2018 TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend Exhibition, EZ10 rode a test ride between MRT TAIPEI 101 Station and Taipei World Financial Center. The operation of 2018 TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend Exhibition was an innovative ride of EZ10 Self-driving vehicle, which combined with digital marketing such as commercial advertising windows display, and AI Surveillance Camera technique from LIPS Cooperate, thus the service operation center can apply for Big Data statistic and management. The numbers of passengers almost reach 900 for four days of operation.

7Starlake operated the test ride at the Xinyi sidewalk of TAIPEI 101 and simultaneously exhibited a Smart City Trend Solution exhibition booth at the grand floor of Taipei World Financial Center, revealed Smart parking system, V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) and V2P (Vehicle to Passenger) solutions.

Furthermore, 7Starlake and TAIPEI 101 held an Opening Press Conference for 2018 TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend Exhibition and Autonomous Vehicles Technology Forum to exchange the smart trend knowledge and experience with the Taiwanese AI intellectuals. The speakers included Karen Yu, Member of the Legislative Yuan; Huey-ching Yeh, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City; Hung-chia Shao, CEO of Formosa Television; Yu-Jen Hsu, Member of the Legislative Yuan; YOON Sungwook, Deputy senior manager of SK Telecom; Muhan Wang, Director General of Department of Science and Technology of MOTC; Giuseppe Izzo, Regional Vice President and Taiwan Managing Director at Asia Pacific Region of STMicroelectronics; Jean-Marc Desvaux, Head of Sales North Asia of EasyMile; Martin Ting, Founder and General Manager of 7Starlake; Peggy Ni, Senior Director of IoT Business Development of Intel Corporation; Luke Liu, CEO and Founder of LIPS Corporation; Jet Yang, Founder of Knowing; Feng-yuan Chang, Commissioner of Economic Development Department of New Taipei City Government; Kung-chih Su, Director of Economic Affairs Department of Yulin County Government; Tommy Chen, Manager of Sinotech Engineering Consultants. It was our pleasure to invite all the speakers and experience the test ride with them.


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