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 Unmanned Platform



Robotic solutions, a wide range of business verticals, focus mainly on INDUSTRIAL CLEANING, DELIVERING, SECURITY, DEFENCE, REDUCED MOBILITY and PEOPLE TRANSPORTATION. AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a mobile transport vehicle that can deliver goods and materials with different payloads according to application without human intervention. AGV can be an intelligent assistant solution in wide range of usage in many different fields, successfully used in factory and gradually introduced into hospital. Industry 4.0, a current trend in manufacturing technologies, shows the enhancing performance in management and production; with the participation of AGV, the effectiveness is belief to be upgraded into a new level. Equipped with multiple detection devices including lidar, sensor, and camera, plus combination of software, hardware and fleet management system, AGV are able to interact with environment and facilities automatically, possessing high independency for mission execution.

Through environment mapping and route planning, AGV can march without any added infrastructure, even further achieves self-positioning, navigation, environmental detection and obstacle avoidance. Looking forward to reinforce working efficiency, quality, and stability, 7Starlake is actively dedicated to make AGV adaptable, serviceable even self-learnable in various application fields.