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Taipei announces availability of Taiwan's first-ever testing ground for driverless vehicles
- March 13, 2018

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—At a press conference on Tuesday, Taipei City Government announced the availability of Taiwan's first-ever testing ground for driverless vehicles, which is located in the Beitou Shilin Science Park.

During the press event held at the experimental site, several driverless vehicles were running their field tests, including the EZ10, which had appeared in several other occasions in the past, the self-driving golf cart developed by National Taiwan University, and the self-driving PEV tricycle developed by National Taipei University of Technology.

The testing ground has an area of 10 hectares and is equipped with road infrastructure, the city government said. It's open to developers and research institutes to test their self-driving vehicles under simulated road conditions, including the ability to read traffic signs and signals and react properly, the city government added.

Taipei Deputy Mayor Charles Lin (林欽榮) said the city government welcomes self-driving vehicle developers to test their vehicles on the testing ground.

In addition, Taipei City Government and the developers jointly called on the central government to create a new law for autonomous vehicles so that developers can obtain permits to test their self-driving vehicles on designated public roads in Taiwan.