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Watch: Driverless shuttle roams Taiwan's streets
- July 9, 2018

Over the weekend, Taiwan tested its impressive self-driving shuttle. The EZ10 shuttle can transport 15 people, six sitting and nine standing. The vehicle is equipped with a button that the passengers can easily push if they missed their stop and need the doors to reopen.

The shuttle can travel at the speed of 40 kilometers per hour and is equipped with cameras and sensors that automatically stop it when they detect people or vehicles in its way. According to Reuters, the shuttle stops at least 30 centimeters before it reaches a foreign object.

"The bus knows how to use the sensors that are on its exterior in order to automatically function," one passenger said. "I saw now how it stopped by itself when someone was in front of it on the street." Ting Yen-yun, who developed the shuttle, said he was pleased with the pilot tests in Taipei, Taiwan's capital. "Regular cars drove around it and it was able to function and stop by itself," he said.