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Experiencing VR in EZ10! Kaohsiung Film Festival, Here We Roll!


2018.10.20-21, 26-28

[ Enclosed Area ]



A cross-domain cooperation of new-tech! The very first combination of driverless shuttle and VR revealed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Collaborating with Kaohsiung Film Festival, we launched a test ride event which is totally different from the previous experiences we've provided to the public. Running right beside Hamasen Railway Cultural Park, EZ10 again catches the eye of the crowd. This time, every passenger was invited to go through a time machine of Hamasen Railway history. Sitting in EZ10 and putting on a VR headset, the passengers were ready to start a 8mins journey in a virtual world.

"The Train Hamasen", an awarded VR movie is playing while EZ10 is transporting passengers from one place to another. This special event provide a 5D VR experience with passenger moving simultaneously with the storyline when EZ10 is running, creating the very first experiment of VR & Driverless collaboration throughout the world.

Furthermore, this demo shows the potential things-to-do for passengers while taking future transportation. Sitting in driverless shuttle, instead of concentrating on the road condition, passengers can do other things they want, no matter for commercial issue or entertainment. For example: passengers can have an overview of the museum through VR introduction video onboard before arriving at the place or buy products online onboard and directly receive offboard at the shopping mall.

We have 240 passengers experiencing this extraordinary event in 5 days, receiving high recognition and expectation, and we keep on moving forward to create different types of experience scenario for the public.