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EZ10 arrives at Yunlin Taixi!


2018. 07. 22

A cross-age combination of Traditional & Technology

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EZ10 appeared in a grand festival held by Wutiao Gang Anxi Temple to introduce the up-coming "Green Energy Area Project" in Yunlin County, which will be the biggest green energy area in Asia.

EZ10 smoothly ran through the plaza along with the non-stop festival celebration, and stopped in front of the temple allowing the public to have a glance at this one and only electrical driverless shuttle in Taiwan. The public were so excited and couldn't wait to take a ride in the future. 7Starlake and Yunlin County furthermore together launched a press conference to announce the future development of Yunlin County with Green Energy Area for the residents and industries, creating a win-win life circle.

We invited the Director of Economic Affairs Department Yunlin County Su Kong-zhi, the Township Mayor of Taixi Zhao Rui-he, and the Chairman of Anxi Temple Lin Qing-biao together announce the green future of Yunlin with less pollution and EZ10 transport service in countryside. The construction of smart green energy area can not only improve the living quality, but also thrive the local tourism and put the green energy education into real practice.

7Starlake GM Martin Ting is glade to come back to his home town to dedicate in transportation improvement and industry development, creating better living environment and more job opportunities to keep the youngsters and attract the crowd to come and know more about the beauty of Yunlin.


Event & Press Conference
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