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Image Model CPU Modular Memory Power
ROC235B_Intel® QM77 Rackmount Fanless Rugged System_01 ROC235B 3th(Ivy Bridge-H)Processor DDR3-16GB

100V~240V AC-IN

ROC236A_Intel® Core™ i7-3517UE Rackmount Fanless server_01 ROC236A 3th(Ivy Bridge-U)Processor

9V~36V DC-IN

ROC235A_1U Core i7 Rackmount Fanless Server_01 ROC235A 3th(Ivy Bridge-H)Processor DDR3-16GB

9V~24V DC-IN

SCH200_Power Automation Computer_01 SCH200 8/9th(Coffee Lake-S)Processor



125V DC-In

100V~240V AC-In

(redundancy for option)


圖片2_0.png ROC286AA 9th(Coffee Lake-S)Processor DDR4-64GB

9V~36V DC-IN

with Redundant support 

1U Fanless Xeon Server ROC286A 9th(Coffee Lake-S)Processor DDR4-64GB

9~36V DC-IN

圖片2.png ROC286B 9th(Coffee Lake-S)Processor DDR4-64GB

10V~240V AC-IN

圖片1.png ROC286BB 9th(Coffee Lake-S)Processor DDR4-64GB

100V~240V AC-IN 

with Redundant support